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Sep 14 '12

My $0,02 on Customer Service

Customer experience is one of the most important parts of any business. Everyone gets annoyed when the service at a store or a restaurant is poor or when a web application you’re trying to use is cumbersome, slow or *gasp* it crashes in the middle of your session.

These negative accounts get shared a lot: you discuss them with your friends over coffee, warn your colleagues to “never go to that horrible lunch place”, send angry Tweets or post disgruntled comments on Facebook.

Apart from all the bad publicity, you as a customer are unlikely to return to that vendor or give that application another go. Seems common sense, which is why I find it surprising just how commonplace poor customer service is. (Perhaps we as customers need to be more demanding?)

On the other side of the spectrum, we talk much less about great customer service. Possibly because it’s part of human nature to share negative things more than possitive or maybe it’s because good customer service really is less common than mediocre or poor one. But maybe (just *maybe*) we should also share positive feedback more often.

When poor or mediocre customer service is practically the norm, spreading the word about excellent customer service is all the more important. Here’s my $0,02: you can criticize Fab all you want, but their customer service is awesome. I wish every store made me feel so warm and fuzzy when I give them my money :)

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